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You’ll Go Nuts for This Coconut Jam!

One viewing of the homemade video on this company’s website ( and you will realize that Christina Widjaja and her staff like to mix a little fun in with their business. But when they are not acting crazy in front of the camera, the people at Hey Boo are getting serious about creating delicious jams and candies that are influenced by Southeast Asian recipes. You won’t find a long list of items to choose from here. But what this company lacks in variety, more than makes up in products that dazzle the taste buds.  


They are best known for their award-winning Srikaya. Srikaya is coconut egg jam, a tradition in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. The premium coconut and mango coconut jams are both crowd pleasers. The two are great on toast, waffles, pancakes, yogurt, as part of a cheese platter or get this… fried chicken! The coconut caramel sauce is an easy go-to for ice cream, but is also mouth-watering when added to cake, waffles or coffee. All products at Hey Boo are made with high quality ingredients and prepared with artisan skill to give jam lovers an exceptional eating experience. Health conscious people will be glad to know that Hey Boo products never contain GMO’s, dairy or corn syrup. 

Need an afternoon snack? Keep a bag of Hey Boo caramel candies nearby. These tasty treats are offered in four flavors: Ginger Rum, Thai Iced Tea, Sea Salt and Vietnamese Coffee. Each are made with organic coconuts and cane sugar.


Go to the website to find a store that carries the products near you, or buy directly from the site. Shipping costs are very reasonable and the company even offers free shipping on orders of $70 or more. So, stock up now! What could be better than a pantry full of Hey Boo jams and candies?


 2.14.17 by Michael Heath