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Carrot Cake Jam Recipe


This jam truly tastes like a slice of carrot cake! I've blogged the recipe before and now here's a picture.

All other jams and jellies made will now wait in the pantry cupboard until the very last jar of carrot cake jam is gone, although this year I've canned way too much so I'll have to sneak a different jar out every once in awhile. The recipe is great for using up those last bit of pears going soft and a few carrots from the garden. Add a few spices, a box of pectin, a bit of lemon juice, and a ton of sugar and you've got it made :) For complete directions, including a PDF file of the recipe, click here. I don't often suggest making a double batch but this jam seems to work out fine, just make sure you have lots of sugar, and instead of boiling hard for one minute, boil hard for TWO minutes!!


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