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Grama’s Jellies Sticks to Its Nebraskan Heritage

Dolores Lintel grew up on a farm in northeastern Nebraska and remembers walking with her siblings along the sides of roads where they picked wild chokeberries, mulberries, elderberries, crab apples and wild plums. The harvest was brought home where recipes that had been passed down for generations were used to make the most delicious jams and jellies. Those early days inspired Dolores and her husband Fred to start her own company in 1980 called Grama’s Jellies. (Note: The correct spelling is Grama’s, not Grandma’s.) Over the years many a family member jumped in to help the company succeed and now Dolores’s daughter Theresa and her husband Brian have taken over the reins to run the day-to-day operations. 

The company has grown and although production has certainly become more sophisticated since the days when the jellies were made in a kitchen on a mid-Western farm, the company had remained true to its rural heritage. No artificial flavorings or preservatives are ever used in the making of what the company refers to as “wholesome jams, syrups and butters.”.  Each recipe varies a bit, but there is one consistency. This company cares so much about what it produces that it is part of the culture to include “love” as an ingredient in every batch.

The company has a line-up of a few dozen items including jellies, jams, fruit butters and syrups. All the products sell well, but when pressed Theresa tells me that among the fan favorites are the apple butter, raspberry-jalapeno jam and Christmas jam.  If you are squeamish about eating Christmas Jam in the heat of July, you do not have to worry about being deprived. Grama’s simply labels it Strawberry-Cranberry Jam when the holidays end. If you are in Nebraska, you will find many an orchard carrying the products. The company has nation-wide distribution through Cabela Stores and in their catalogs. And if you do not have a Cabela or a specialty store nearby carrying the product go to and visit the company’s on-line store.

Whether you are pouring the syrup on pancakes, spreading the jam on toast or smothering fruit butter on a biscuit you are in for a real treat. Get some and have it in the cupboard, because Grama’s Jellies is just like what a mid-Western grandma used to make.


3.9.17 by Michael Heath