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Say Aloha to Hawaiian Sun Jellies & Jams

When one thinks of the Aloha State many happy things come to mind: grass skirts, white beaches, clear water, plenty of sunshine and maybe even a little ukulele music. The time has come to add one more item to the list and that is … jelly. And one of the best makers of jelly coming out of the pacific islands is Hawaiian Sun Products. This company specializes in producing Hawaiian food products that are shipped near and far so that nearly anyone can enjoy the “taste of Hawaii”.


Hawaiian Sun Products began operating as a family-owned company in 1952 and continues the same way today with the fourth generation at the helm. The organization has come a come a long way from humble papaya growers, then canners to a full-fledged manufacturer of fruit juices, jellies, syrups, chocolate-covered macadamia nuts and tropical food items. The company is committed to using only the freshest ingredients and their “farm to table” policy of using fresh fruits in most production gives the food items the most authentic tastes and textures. This company ethos helps explain Hawaiian Sun’s decades-long growth and success.


A big part of the Hawaiian Sun Products line up is the selection of tropical jams and jellies where anything guava seems to always top the best-seller charts. The guava is farmed on a neighboring island after the fruit is picked it goes direct to the Hawaiian Sun factory to be made into guava jam, guava jelly and guava/strawberry jam. For those who have a taste for island flavor there is more where that came from including: passion fruit jelly, mango/pineapple jam, papaya/pineapple jam, pineapple jam as well as low sugar guava jam and jelly. And there is more good news for the health conscious. None of the jellies or jams include any preservatives, artificial flavors or artificial colors.            


Hawaiian Sun products are sold in Asia, Polynesia, Canada and the US. Most of the brick & mortar retailers are concentrated on the West Coast with a sprinkling of stores in the East. Locations can be found by going to the company website . If there is no store close by, then customers are encouraged to use the website to make purchases. It may not be easy for us mainlanders to hop on a plane and head for the Hawaiian Islands. But thanks to Hawaiian Sun Products a little bit of Hawaii can reach our kitchen tables.



4.5.17 by Michael Heath