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You’ll Go Nuts for This Coconut Jam!

They are best known for their award-winning Srikaya. Srikaya is coconut egg jam, a tradition in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Need an afternoon snack? Keep a bag of Hey Boo caramel candies nearby

Mountain Fruit Co.: Spread the Word!

Look out for this company’s natural fruit spreads and try some yourself. One taste and you will likely be out there spreading the word!

Mountain Fruit Company’s delicious spreads

Eating Ayako Jam is a Plum Assignment

Ayako’s work in flower arranging allowed her to express well-honed instincts for aesthetics.

It may not be long before that the delicious artisan jam of Ayako & Family can be added to that list.

We Love Jam is Jammin’!

Blenheim apricots have been described by some as the best tasting in the world and the sublime honey-like flavor is surely what has won it so many fans.

Eric Haeberli’s and Phineas Hoang’s backyard grew an ancient Blenheim apricot tree

Jam that is Straight Out of Brooklyn

Started in an apartment in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn by best friends Jessica Quon and Sabrina Valle, the company has grown to have its products carried by over 180 brick and mortar retailers in 27 states and Canada. Jam that is Straight Out of Brooklyn

Not just a toast type of jam

Kono USA Releases Peanut Butter and Jelly Cone

PB&J cone is cooked in just three minutes using the brand’s proprietary oven. The warm cone is then layered with peanut butter & jelly and topped with a dollop of grape jelly.

North Carolina Woman Turns Hobby into Wine Jelly Business

Wine jellies are not only great for snacking or cooking but also make great presents whether individually or in a gift basket

The Best Jams and Preserves in the USA

What did you do this summer? Go camping? Visit family? Backpack through Europe?

Me, I tasted jam.

Got toast? [Toast photos: Vicky Wasik. All others: Wes Rowe.]

Utah pepper jelly business takes off

Homegrown  The company has evolved from small home kitchens to a full production plant in Wanship.

By Tom Wharton The Salt Lake Tribune

Creating Art with Jelly

The Jellyologist uses architectural moulds to recreate the retro dessert

The Difference Between Jelly and Jam

If you are wondering how to tell the difference between jelly and jam on sight,

Beer Jelly: What It is and How to make it

After canning all winter in Vermont, former archeologist and avid canner Nancy Warner ran out of fresh and frozen fruit.

Sourece: by Rachel Ng

Jelly men break the mould at business entrepreneur awards

These are London's top online entrepreneurs, who have seen their fledgling businesses thrive in the recession.

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ONO Jelly Organic Farms

ONO Organic Farms is a 50-acre certified organic farm on the gorgeous tropical island of Maui, along the

southeastern slopes of Haleakala “House of the Sun”. This certified organic farm is the real deal.

The Boerners run a farm stand that is open seven days a week

Small Things Become Big Things

Marcy Jams now has over 40 flavors of her hand-made jelly to choose from. She only uses the freshest ingredients and some of the produce used in her jellies still comes from Mom’s garden.

Check out the recipe on the company website

Spiked Jellies ... so good it’s sobering!

Allison hand-crafts her jellies in small batches like the true artisan she is. People can taste the effort put

into each jar and fans are drawn to the products for different reasons.

Wine and Beer Jellies to fit every palate. Enjoy from breakfast to cheese platters or as a glaze for the grill.

Rare Bird Preserves

The preserves are always made in traditional copper pots, but

do not expect anything common with these products. Modern techniques are employed to the

combinations of herbs, seasonal fruit, chocolates and other ingredients for some sophisticated spreads

that are not found anywhere else.

Toasts and croissants may be the obvious places to lay on some of Rare Bird’s deliciousness.

You’ll Go Wild for this Beach Plum Jelly

The Chatham Jam & Jelly Shop is a family-run business using mostly local wild fruits and herbs in their products.

non-native ingredients like jalapenos and apricots. The business also makes marmalades, relishes,

butters and other related products.

If you going to Massachusetts be sure to stop in

Hawaiian Sun Products

Hawaiian Sun Products began operating as a family-owned company in 1952 and continues the same way today with the fourth generation at the helm.

Hawaiian Sun products are sold in Asia, Polynesia, Canada and the US.

Grama’s Jellies Sticks to Its Nebraskan Heritage

The company has a line-up of a few dozen items including jellies, jams, fruit butters and syrups. Just like what a mid-Western grandma used to make.

Farm in northeastern Nebraska. No artificial flavorings or preservatives are ever used

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