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Mountain Fruit Co.: Spread the Word!

Allyn Johnston started his fruit spread company back in 1997 after he was asked by a local farmer to jar some cherries for him. With no money and loads of ambition, he went on to experiment with different fruits and processes until he came up with jams and fruit spreads that he could build a company around. Located in Sierra Nevada foothills in Chico California, this twenty-year old business has been thriving ever since.


There is enough demand for the product that Allyn admits he has had the opportunity to expand into the large brick and mortar stores and even tried it for a while. However, he discovered that larger is not always better and this entrepreneur prefers to keep his attention on quality and presentation rather than focus on racking up numbers. Instead, he and his staff spend their days making delicious fruit spreads that are shipped to distributors along the West Coast who get the jars into specialty, gourmet and natural food stores. Only a few stores in the New York metropolitan area carry the spreads out of the region. Unfortunately, there are not enough hours in the day for Allyn and his people to sell product from the website so if you are looking for a jar of one of Mountain Fruit Company’s delicious spreads go to and leave an e-mail requesting information on a nearest dealer.  


Now you may be asking yourself: what makes Mountain Fruit Co. fruit spreads so special? Allyn Johnston is passionate about making his product and he would likely explain all the processes he uses including cooking without boiling, the use of special pots, the time it takes to make a superior product, the chemistry of mixing the ingredients etc. All it really takes is one taste to know that Allyn is a master chef of fruit spreads. But what is just as important is what goes in to them.  Allyn knows his fruits and is very selective as to where they come from. Stone fruits and figs all come from California while he only uses berries from Oregon and Washington. And no cherry goes into the pot unless it came from Michigan. Mountain Fruit Co. never adds fruit juice or beet juice for sweetening, but instead only uses cane sugar since it brings out a more intensified flavor in the fruit. Also, there is a bit of an ironic benefit to using cane sugar. It allows for a higher fruit content which makes the product naturally lower in calories than a jelly or jam.


Look out for this company’s natural fruit spreads and try some yourself. One taste and you will likely be out there spreading the word!


 1-30.17 by Michael Heath