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Small Things Become Big Things

It is said that “small things become big things” and that statement certainly holds true for Marcy Jams. In 2010 Marcy and her mother heard that there was going to be new farmer’s market near their homes (Saturday Market in the Murfreesboro Square) and decided it would be fun to get a table. Marcy’s mother could provide baked good and produce picked from a backyard garden while Marcy’s contribution would be 40 jars of strawberry jelly. However, the two women never anticipated the success they would experience. Within a few short hours of the first market all the jelly sold out. They returned to the next market and sold out again. By the third farmer’s market Marcy and her mom displayed only jelly. Returning customers gave rave reviews while clambering for more product. Marcy knew then that she had more than just a hobby, she has a business.


Marcy Jams now has over 40 flavors of her hand-made jelly to choose from. She only uses the freshest ingredients and some of the produce used in her jellies still comes from Mom’s garden. Each of the jellies sell well, and some of the seasonal jellies are snatched up so quickly that you may want to send Marcy an e-mail if there is a flavor that you do not want to miss. The Firecracker Pepper (the first batch was offered on the Fourth of July) is among the company’s best sellers. Check out the recipe on the company website for an exciting pizza recipe where that jelly is combined with bacon and blue cheese to make a delicious artisan-style pizza. The recipe page also includes a way to use the Deep Purple Wine jelly in a glaze that will turn any pork roast into a mouth-watering main dish. There are several other inventive recipes on the site that you will want to try.      


This jelly maker now has its products in over a dozen retailers throughout Tennessee. So, if you find yourself in the Volunteer State visiting the Country Hall of Fame or taking in the sites of the beautiful Great Smokey Mountains, be sure to pick up some jars of Marcy Jams. And if Tennessee in not on your vacation plans, be sure to e-mail Marcy or give her call to see what is cooking. She will be glad you did. 


7.10.17 by Michael Heath