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Rare Bird is a rare find.

Elizabeth Madden found her passion for preserving fruit while attending the French Pastry School in

Chicago. Elizabeth has taken the skills learned there and combined them with her creative talent and

attention to detail to turn simple flavors into palate sensations. Those who discover Rare Bird preserves

all seem to share these sentiments.


The company’s preserves are crafted in the French tradition with only seasonal fruits, quality ingredients

and the their own naturally extracted pectin. When it is time to harvest, Elizabeth likes to talk to the

farmers directly to learn about the crop’s unique attributes as she is well-aware that fruit changes with

each season. With the first-hand knowledge, she can then approach her cooking in a way that brings out

the depth and complexity of each batch. The preserves are always made in traditional copper pots, but

do not expect anything common with these products. Modern techniques are employed to the

combinations of herbs, seasonal fruit, chocolates and other ingredients for some sophisticated spreads

that are not found anywhere else.


Toasts and croissants may be the obvious places to lay on some of Rare Bird’s deliciousness. But anyone

with even a slight culinary flair can find a way to expand on the uses of what is in these jars. Elizabeth

shares her own suggestions for using the preserves: added to a vinaigrette, as a glaze for pork or fish, as

an accompaniment to a cheese platter, mixed in a cocktail or incorporated into a dessert.


To purchase the products, go to

to find a vendor near you or simply order

from the online store. There are so many exciting flavors to choose from you may want to try them all.

The company favorite is the Passion Fruit Curd. If you feel you need a second opinion as to which one is

the best go the Ted Allen/Rare Bird video on YouTube. It may be unusual for a celebrity food connoisseur

to speak passionately about fruit preserves, but not everyone makes them like Rare Bird.


5.5.17 by Michael Heath