ONO Jelly

What could be better than living under the warmth of the Hawaiian sun while breathing in the coolbreezes of the Pacific Ocean? Answer: probably nothing. The only possible way to make it better would be to add some ONO jelly.

ONO Organic Farms is a 50-acre certified organic farm on the gorgeous tropical island of Maui, along the southeastern slopes of Haleakala “House of the Sun”. This certified organic farm is the real deal. Electricity comes from solar power, water is pumped from a well, and all rubbish is broken down into trash, burnables, recyclables, and compost. Only certified organic produce is grown on the farm and used in any of the products they make. It is a family operation run by three generations. Chuck Boerner, the family patriarch, likes to say that “the key to our wealth is our health”. The family has been growing and eating organic for over 60 years which shows that the farm is more than just a business, it is a way of life.

The Boerners run a farm stand that is open seven days a week. If Maui is not on your itinerary, you are not out of luck. The onofarm.com website has a store where customers can buy rubs, herbs, coffees, jams, jellies and fruit butters. Lily provided me some guidance as to what are some of the fan favorites. She pointed out the Hana Wild Lilikoi Jelly, Hana Wild Mountain Guava Jelly and the Surinam Cherry Jelly as among the best sellers. Lilly, the family matriarch, added that all their hand-picked fruits have the wild flavor attributes similar to wild berries in that the tastes contain a mixture of tart and sweet. This is also true with the very popular Apple Banana Butter. This is not apple and banana but a Brazilian banana that is smaller than the banana seen in grocery store. This full-flavored banana makes a fruit butter that tantalizes the tongue. Pour it over vanilla ice cream one time and you will never eat ice cream any other way. Another great idea that Lilly pointed out was her favorite cheese and cracker party platter. Take a goat cheese log, spread it generously with the Wild Lilikoi Jelly, top it off with the Hana Wild Chili Pepper Jelly. Put it out with water crackers and watch your guests devour it.

So, if you want a little taste of Hawaii simply go to onofarms.com and place your order. Because eating

organic products from Maui is the next best thing to being there.

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