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Spiked Jellies ... so good it’s sobering!

Call it a vice or a virtue but Allison gets tipsy with just a sip or two of any adult beverage. Not to be deterred by this affliction, this lover of food and family created Spiked Jellies so that anyone could enjoy beer, wine or liquor, albeit from a jelly jar instead of a bottle. In the cooking process, the alcohol is burned off and all that is left is the flavor and jelly texture. Teetotalers, young children and even judges can have their taste buds tantalized knowing that the jelly is made up of only high quality food ingredients.

​Allison hand-crafts her jellies in small batches like the true artisan she is. People can taste the effort put into each jar and fans are drawn to the products for different reasons. Kids love the sweet Cream Peach wine jelly on a peanut butter sandwich or over pancakes. Anyone will also love using the Chocolate Stout and cream cheese between two slices of bread. Crackers and jelly are an easy go-to by themselves or part of a cheese platter. Add these jellies to waffles, BLT’s, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, ham sandwiches and even fruits. Those who love to cook can have fun adding these jarred products to chili, barbeque sauces, cupcake batter, pumpkin bread, meatballs and more. Many of the jellies work great as a glaze or a rub. Did you forget to marinate the steak? No problem. Rub some Spiked Jelly on any meat or fish before going to the grill and voila, your dinner has a wonderful unique flavor. Yes, it is that easy! Spiked Jellies participates in Georgia events where the company can meet its fans and win over new ones. Go to to see when and where they will be showing. If the Peach State is not on your itinerary then use the company’s on-line sho and have the product shipped directly to your home. The suggested uses under each item offered is so helpful and gives users ideas on how to enhance their meal experiences. The blog is also great as it contains recipes and cooking advice to help any cook make their food taste better than ever.

The jellies all sell well, but I am told that the Bourbon Stout, Cabernet and Jalapeno Riesling are among the favorites. And just because Allison has established a winning product line don’t think she is resting on her laurels. This entrepreneur has three or four new jellies that she is working on, but won’t put any of them into production until she feels she has the process and flavors just right. One of them is a Margarita jelly. Oops! I was told to keep that one a surprise. Do me a favor. Just don’t tell Allison I told you!


6.9.17 by Michael Heath